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Our People

John Berger - Director of Training

John studied violin teaching in Japan with Dr Suzuki, graduating in 1990. "It was a wonderful opportunity," says John, "studying teaching and performance with Shinichi Suzuki, the man who revolutionised the world of music education." From a lifelong passion for music and over 30 years of working with young musicians, his enthusiasm for teaching is undiminished. "I'm as moved by the enthralling first achievements of our newest beginners as the mature and exciting performances of our accomplished senior players. Music is a wonderful art: it only exists as someone performs it; it has a language that can communicate across all boundaries and nationalities; anyone can learn it and it naturally leads us out of ourselves to create a more beautiful world for others. "

Phianne Berger - Director, Junior and Prevocational programmes

Phianne learned violin from an early age to become a performer and teacher admired for her beautiful tone and insightful way with students. She studied in Japan with Shinichi Suzuki, graduating as a teacher from his Suzuki Music School in 1990. Her teaching reflects a deep love and understanding of children, showing both parents and students how they can love learning and build talent. Her approach provides students with clear learning skills and musical artistry.

Casey Jenkins - Violin Teacher

Casey is a graduate of the UWA School of Music. She studied Suzuki Violin from an early age and now draws on her extensive experience and training to teach violin. Students enjoy her friendly approach and are inspired by her love of violin.

Glenn Coughlan - Pianist and Accompanist

Glenn is a pianist and pipe organist. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Australia and a Diploma of Teaching. He also has an A.Mus.A. (performer). Glenn taught with the Education Department of WA as a classroom teacher and music advisory teacher before serving as deputy principal in many schools. He resigned from the Education Department in 1993 to devote more time to teaching the piano and accompanying instrumentalists and singers.

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