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Motivation - A Viewpoint 16th Jul, 2009
I believe the best way to try to understand motivation in children is to look at what motivates me and what gets my energy going and then to work from my insights to see what might apply to children.

I am sure that children from the youngest age are motivated by the same impulses to do and learn as adults. Children find it hard to get going in much the same way that we do. They resist just as we resist. Starting is the hardest. As an adult I know I must just start and somehow the starting generates energy. Then each time I come back to the task, the starting gets easier and the resistance to gets less. Once children have started and regularly do an activity, concentration and the energy we call motivation improves.  Starting then stopping the regular and scheduled activity depletes concentration and motivation. Once started games add to the enjoyment.

If motivation is internal we develop a real love of learning.

Allie Berger

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