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What parents and students have to say:

"Child Oriented"
“The excellent MIA Young Concert Performer Violin Programme has kept both my son and myself eager to achieve more! The programme is child oriented and the classes keep the children engaged and interested. It has been great sharing experiences with other parents during the Saturday classes. The teachers also change the pace and constantly challenge the children which keeps them on their toes!“
Wern Yong

"We Love MIA Programme!"
"Alissa’s confidence has increased and her musical knowledge and confidence carries over into how well she is doing at school. We love the Saturday sessions. In fact the whole violin programme is terrific and I cannot recall an experience where I was not happy!"
Jennifer Verduin

"MIA Changed Our Lives"
"The children have been given this treasure and a means of dealing with challenges in other aspects of their lives. It has changed our lives and given us a way of providing something incredibly important - that they will take into everything they do."
Deryn Alpers

"Loves Playing Her Violin"
"Julie plays at least twice a day during the week and more on the weekends! She can't put her violin down! She has come so far since starting 18 months ago. She has become self motivated. The MIA Young Concert Performer Programme has increased her ability to memorize quickly at school. I am extremely happy with all aspects of the programme."
Dianne Gardam

"Motivated for the Entire Time"
"Quality of teaching and location were important to me when looking for a violin programme for my daughter Christina. I looked at several other programmes but chose MIA after meeting and talking with John. I am amazed that 1and 1/2 hours on Saturday flows so smoothly for my four year old and that she is motivated for the entire time! It has also helped in terms of setting a clear routine at home which has even carried over to my older child who is not studying in the programme! The goal setting sessions have been fantastic in that we are clear about what we need to achieve during the week."
Leslie James

"Thank You"
"There is so much I want to thank you for, it’s hard to know where to begin! I’ve gotten so much out of the last few years being involved with and studying at MIA. Thank you for giving me so many opportunities – Group classes, Certificate IV, teaching, ensemble and performing. I would not have received such amazing experiences with the care and guidance you have given me anywhere else. It has been a really unique opportunity to be involved with teachers who foster a true sense of teamwork in every group situation. This is one reason why it has been so fun too! I just love the way you do things and I really hope I take that with me and inspire kids (and adults) with music the way you have me and so many others. Thanks also for the countless hours and endless energy and patience you have put into helping me become a better musician and teacher. You’ve done all this and a thousand other things, I couldn’t possibly squeeze it all in here, but I want to thank you especially for the kindness you’ve always shown me and encouragement you always give – at exactly the right time, when I’ve needed it. So thanks for having me all these years. I’m going to miss out group teaching and teachers meetings."
Jessica Moncrieff, Violinist and Teacher

"So Many Benefits"
"We have experienced so many benefits since starting with MIA. We especially appreciate the fact that our children are building music skills from a young age and are learning how to work consistently every day. It is important for us that our children learn how to do things successfully in life and violin teaches them the steps involved to be accomplished at a specific skill.
The MIA Young Concert Performer Violin Programme creates a very positive and nurturing learning environment in both the one on one lessons and the Saturday program. Saturday is particularly motivating for our girls. MIA - We are so lucky to have discovered you!"
Sonya Crowther

"Dynamic and Confident Performers"
"Both of my children started at MIA when they were three and four years old and they are now sixteen and thirteen! My daughter Sheryl has passed book 10 (the highest level in the Suzuki Method) and had been an active member of the WA Youth Orchestra for several years. My son Dylan is currently studying book 9. MIA encourages students to play with enthusiasm and with stage presence. Students learn to play confidently from memory. The MIA programme also sets clear goals for the students and works with the parent and student to achieve those goals. They become dynamic and confident performers."
Susie Leong

"Memory has Hugely Increased"
“I can't believe how much William's memory has grown and how much his learning has accelerated since beginning with MIA. He learned all of the last piece in one afternoon! His teacher at school is telling me that his memory is amazing. I am so pleased!”
Tina Clarke
South Fremantle

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